AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-10-24Add tests targetHEADmasterAndrey Volkov
2018-10-24Add hadolintAndrey Volkov
2018-10-24Add shellcheckAndrey Volkov
2018-10-24Alternative cmd for nginx onlyAndrey Volkov
2018-10-24Link to package file as a build argAndrey Volkov
2018-10-24Release, components and repos as build argsAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23Vagrantfile for testingAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23Update readmeAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23Allow to provide external GPG key for image buildAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23Build arg for GPG key generationAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23MODE as docker build argAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23Nginx blacklistAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23Add batch for making signatureAndrey Volkov
2018-10-23Save ubuntu packages inside imageAndrey Volkov
2018-09-17Fix error w 'control.tar.gz' on 0.9.6Artem Smirnov
2018-09-15Merge branch 'opt_gpg'Artem Smirnov
2018-09-15Add authorArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14GPG key must be in volumeArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Fix: Grammar correctionArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Fix markdown hyperlinksArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Resolved the bugsArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Add fixed deb-packages versionv1.0Artem Smirnov
2018-09-14Little fix after mergeArtem Smirnov
Fix license & etc
2018-09-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'jonazpiazu/master' into fix_gpgArtem Smirnov
# Conflicts: # Dockerfile
2018-09-14Change license location in readme fileArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Fix: replace order of license and interpretator stringArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Change repos for mirrorsArtem Smirnov
ubuntu -> bionic debian -> stretch
2018-09-14Remove OS variablesArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Replace #! /bin/bash to #! /usr/bin/env bashArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Add both scripts for update mirrorsArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Update readmeArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Remove unused filesArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Remove double version of Dockerfile & backup codeArtem Smirnov
2018-09-14Fix: Aptly repo was changedArtem Smirnov
2018-09-13Fix: Change PGP keyArtem Smirnov
2018-09-13Add Artem Smirnov to licenseArtem Smirnov
2018-05-30Increase gpg key securityJon Azpiazu
2018-05-30Fixes for gpg key generation and nginx configurationJon Azpiazu
2017-05-27Merge pull request #2 from bryanhong/debian_optionBryan J. Hong
Debian option
2017-05-24remove suffix varBryan Hong
2017-05-23added option to build debian-based aptlyBryan Hong
just run ``` Dockerfile.debian``` instead
2017-05-23create public directoryBryan
2017-05-23add contributor credit, publicize repo signing keyBryan
publicize repo signing key as part of startup, previously was only doing this at the end of the script quote host name as it allows specifying multiple site aliasesJan Čapek
2017-05-23nginx conf: Increase hash bucket size to allow multiple server namesJan Čapek
2017-05-22note about debianBryan J. Hong
2017-05-23clean things up to make it easier to switch to a different releaseBryan Hong
swiching to xenial should be as easy as modifying the dockerfile and updating the script
2017-05-22updated aptly key signing fingerprint, path to bash completionBryan Hong
also a minor change to aptly graph in
2016-02-10README appropriate for github and dockerhubBryan
Managing a single README is easier than maintaining two
2016-02-10add universe component to repo update scriptBryan
mirroring all open source components makes the mirror more useful