AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-10-12Rename to test_site_statuses_rbac.pyHEADmasterRick Bartra
Update the file name as it should end in "_rbac" as this file contains RBAC tests
2018-10-03Shipyard Actions API TestsPradeep Kumar
Add tests for the following: - list actions - get action - get action step This commit also updates the hacking to differentiate between RBAC directories and non-RBAC directories.
2018-08-30Complete RBAC test coverage for Shipyard APIsRick Bartra
This commit adds the appropriate clients and tests for the following Shipyard API actions: - `workflow_orchestrator:action_deploy_site` - `workflow_orchestrator:action_update_site` - `workflow_orchestrator:action_update_software` - `workflow_orchestrator:action_redeploy_server` - `workflow_orchestrator:get_site_statuses` Change-Id: Ida48ec860dc7cd0842c65c662a50ec3d67c41b77
2018-08-24Cleanup clients, add documenation, and fix 2 testsRick Bartra
This commit does the following: - Cleanup the service clients to not hard code resource values used in API endpoints - Add documentation to the README - Fix the following tests that were not previously working: - `test_get_action_validation` - `test_invoke_action_control` Change-Id: I8636f3b704871ad98c346b4a19c7f7f41c705e13
2018-08-21Add Additional RBAC Test Coverage for ShipyardRick Bartra
This commit does the following: - Add test coverage for: - Actions API - Airflow Monitoring API - Log Retrieval API - Add tox.ini - Add hacking checks - Fix pep8 issues Future work needed to fix some of the Actions API RBAC tests Change-Id: I6e17ffa3ecc3c8a181790bdb79ad6b29fe127114
2018-08-17Complete RBAC test coverage for Shipyard Document Staging APIRick Bartra
This commmit completes RBAC coverage for Shipyard Document Staging API, for the APIs noted here [0]. For now, the goal is to meet the first use-case of this plugin, which is to test RBAC for Shipyard. With this in mind, for RBAC testing, we only care if a role has permission to an API in question. Therefore, some of the more complex APIs are 'short circuit' tests - meaning only RBAC permissions are checked and other expections are ignored. [0]
2018-08-17Framework for Airship Tempest PluginRick Bartra
This commit includes the following: - Base Classes for: * Shipyard tests * Shipyard RBAC tests - Unfinished Shipyard REST Clients for: * Document Staging API * Action API * Airflow Monitoring API * Log Retrieval API - RBAC Tests for Shipyard: * get workflows * get actions * get configdocs Future commits can follow this commit to further test Airship components.