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2019-02-22Update dependencies on Armada, Drydock, DeckhandBryan Strassner
2019-02-22[FIX] Fix document buildBryan Strassner
2019-01-29Move Airflow web container into Shipyard podBryan Strassner
2019-01-22Merge "Raise specific errors during create configdocs"Zuul
2019-01-22Merge "fix typos in API.rst &"Zuul
2019-01-04Merge "Remove those copy words occured twice times in total_garbage.yaml"Zuul
2019-01-04Remove those copy words occured twice times in total_garbage.yamlzhouxinyong
2019-01-04Fix the misspelling of "except"lijunjie
2019-01-03Raise specific errors during create configdocsNishant Kumar
2018-12-21Merge "Updates cleartext-secrets RBAC Permissions"Zuul
2018-12-21Merge "Support clearing collections of configdocs"Zuul
2018-12-12fix typos in API.rst & output.pymelissaml
2018-12-05Update to Airflow 1.10.1 and restore sysoutBryan Strassner
2018-11-30Support clearing collections of configdocsBryan Strassner
2018-11-28Updates cleartext-secrets RBAC PermissionsAaron Sheffield
2018-11-14Merge "Ensure SY gets redacted rendered documents"Zuul
2018-11-14Ensure SY gets redacted rendered documentsanthony.bellino
2018-11-13Add configurable timeout for Drydock clientBryan Strassner
2018-11-06Merge "Expects Redacted Raw Documents"Zuul
2018-11-01trivial: modify spelling error of responselvxianguo
2018-10-31trivial: modify spelling error of testlvxianguo
2018-10-25Enable shipyard to use PBRNishant Kumar
2018-10-23Expects Redacted Raw DocumentsAaron Sheffield
2018-10-19Making Python version uniform across all airship components.j330k
2018-10-16Add notes support for Builddata outputBryan Strassner
2018-10-16Modify note access methodsBryan Strassner
2018-10-11Add notes processing to the Shipyard API+CLIBryan Strassner
2018-10-10[FIX] mock notes helper and tests for node filterBryan Strassner
2018-10-09Merge "Add notes common code for Shipyard"Zuul
2018-10-09Fix get_pod_logs logic to pick up accurate podsskovaleff
2018-10-05Fix typo in a descriptionskovaleff
2018-10-05Merge "Add Shipyard profiler"Zuul
2018-10-05Merge "Refactor validations retrieval for performance"Zuul
2018-10-05Add notes common code for ShipyardBryan Strassner
2018-10-05Merge "Fix typo in description"Zuul
2018-10-05Merge "actions: Add Shipyard action to test site"Zuul
2018-10-05Merge "plugins: Add DAG and operator to test site"Zuul
2018-10-05Fix typo in descriptionskovaleff
2018-10-05Refactor validations retrieval for performanceDrew Walters
2018-10-05Add Shipyard profilerDrew Walters
2018-10-04Merge "Return non-200 response if Airflow log request failed"Zuul
2018-10-04Return non-200 response if Airflow log request failedAndrey Volkov
2018-10-02Merge "plugins: Add get_releases to Armada base operator"Zuul
2018-09-28Merge "Rollback to revision 0 instead of clearing Deckhand DB"Zuul
2018-09-27actions: Add Shipyard action to test siteDrew Walters
2018-09-27plugins: Add DAG and operator to test siteDrew Walters
2018-09-27plugins: Add get_releases to Armada base operatorDrew Walters
2018-09-27Merge "[docs] Update docs to match site_statuses API"Zuul
2018-09-26Merge "Ensure pod logs are fetched in case of exception in any operator"Zuul
2018-09-26[docs] Update docs to match site_statuses APIBryan Strassner