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2019-02-11Moving documentation only requirements into doc/requirements.txtPradeep Kumar
2018-10-04Treat warnings as errors in docs and fix warningsFelipe Monteiro
2018-09-12Fix: re-add incorrectly removed format testMark Burnett
2018-08-24Add venv tox environmentAndreas Jaeger
2018-08-21Consolidate pep8/bandit zuul gatingGage Hugo
2018-07-19Fix broken validatedesign endpointMark Burnett
2018-06-28Add py36 testenvVu Cong Tuan
2018-06-22Unifying proxy variables for toxRoman Gorshunov
2018-06-06[trivial] Rename tox jobs for zuulFelipe Monteiro
2018-06-04Rename docs to doc to align with OpenStack standardFelipe Monteiro
2018-05-29Merge "Update Deckhand commit"Zuul
2018-05-25Update Deckhand commitScott Hussey
2018-05-24Add docker image publishingMark Burnett
2018-04-25Speed up image buildMark Burnett
2018-02-23Documentation for exceptionsKrysta
2018-02-14Fix DNS name list for kube services in certsMark Burnett
2018-02-01Add basepython=python3.5 to [testenv] in tox.iniFelipe Monteiro
2018-01-22Add deckhand design_ref supportMark Burnett
2018-01-02Minor testing-related cleanupMark Burnett
2017-12-19Add API unit testsSamantha Blanco
2017-11-16Docs: Add design docMark Burnett
2017-11-16Freeze tox lint depsMark Burnett
2017-10-31Gate: Add publishing metadata for JUNit filesMark Burnett
2017-10-30Security: Add bandit job to toxMark Burnett
2017-10-27Tox: always recreate the virtualenv for `freeze`Mark Burnett
2017-10-25Add lint and fmt tox jobsMark Burnett
2017-10-20Avoid directly installing non-frozen dependenciesMark Burnett
2017-10-17Migrate to self hosted using chartsMark Burnett
2017-10-06Promenade documentation via build_sphinx.Felipe Monteiro