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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-08Minor: meaningful default labelRoman Gorshunov
2018-10-24Fix: adding back the possibility to add arbitrary labelsRoman Gorshunov
2018-10-17Fix: git commit id labels on imagesRoman Gorshunov
2018-07-17Update Dockerfile to allow override of FROM variableJerome Brette
2018-06-22Unifying proxy variables for docker buildRoman Gorshunov
2018-06-16Image: update image makefile to use host-networkingPete Birley
2018-06-15Add ARG to MAAS SimpleStream DockerfileStacey Fletcher
2018-06-08(zuul) Add Docker image jobsScott Hussey
2018-06-01(zuul) Basic zuul gatesScott Hussey
2018-02-25Update MakefileStacey Fletcher
2018-02-17Add labels to Makefile image buildStacey Fletcher
2018-01-06Add rudimentary Helm testScott Hussey
2017-12-08Update the suffix to be overridden with 1 varStacey Fletcher
2017-12-07Update Makefile individual image buildStacey Fletcher
2017-12-04Add image cache sidecarScott Hussey
2017-11-29Create simplestreams cache imageScott Hussey
2017-11-27Move Dockerfiles into maas repoScott Hussey