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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-21Verify VM disk size and relax kubelet disk reqsRoman Gorshunov
2018-12-12MAAS ingress related fixes for airship-in-a-bottleKaspars Skels
2018-10-15Merge "Print more information on steps once deployment is complete"Zuul
2018-10-01Fix: override of terminal options for pegleg.shRoman Gorshunov
2018-10-01Print more information on steps once deployment is completeRoman Gorshunov
2018-09-13Pin to PeglegScott Hussey
2018-09-05Update chart references to newer versionsBryan Strassner
2018-08-15Cleanup Airship verbiage in docsBryan Strassner
2018-08-01Correct local git repo directoriesCrank, Daniel (dc6350)
2018-07-30Merge "Updated dev-minimal to deploy behind proxy"Zuul
2018-07-27Updated dev-minimal to deploy behind proxyahmad
2018-07-24Fix to support OSH all-in-one environmentKaspars Skels
2018-07-11Merge "Use system's configured DNS servers"Zuul
2018-07-09Adds curl installation before using itBryan Strassner
2018-07-03Updates image locations and versionAaron Sheffield
2018-06-26Use system's configured DNS serversFrank A. Zdarsky
2018-06-12Create .ssh/ directory for known_hosts fileRoman Gorshunov
2018-06-11Suggest correct IP if using non-default interfaceRoman Gorshunov
2018-06-06Merge "OSH: Update git refs to OpenStack-Infra"Zuul
2018-06-05Fix echo string for Armada Image referenceBryan Strassner
2018-06-06OSH: Update git refs to OpenStack-InfraPete Birley
2018-05-29Separate demo and dev deployments of AirshipBryan Strassner
2018-05-22Add test_create_heat_stack.shanthony.lin
2018-05-21Assume "yes" for settings detectionRoman Gorshunov
2018-05-21Merge "Add basic OpenStack components to single node dev"Zuul
2018-05-20Add basic OpenStack components to single node devMark Burnett
2018-05-20Export SHORT_HOSTNAMERoman Gorshunov
2018-05-19Merge "Shells Out Getting hostname"Zuul
2018-05-18Shells Out Getting hostnameAaron Sheffield
2018-05-19Fix: VM requirements verificationRoman Gorshunov
2018-05-18Merge "Use NFS instead of Ceph"Zuul
2018-05-18Use NFS instead of CephScott Hussey
2018-05-18Executes deploy_site in Airship-Shipyard when DeployingAaron Sheffield
2018-05-18Fixed Typo in Airship in a Bottle ScriptAaron Sheffield
2018-05-18Merge "Add a dev script to kick off Airship in a Bottle"Zuul
2018-05-18Add a dev script to kick off Airship in a BottleAaron Sheffield
2018-04-26Definition for deploying behind a proxyScott Hussey
2018-04-20Bump Up kubernetes-entrypoint VersionAnthony Lin
2018-04-16GoDaddy intermediate certs no longer neededRoman Gorshunov
2018-04-06[Fix] Add HTK dependency for calicoScott Hussey
2018-03-31Set up single-node deployment filesBryan Strassner
2018-02-23Configure ceph for ga and hwe kernsScott Hussey
2018-02-22Update Overrides for armada.yaml.sub - IngressAnthony Lin
2018-02-20Make Armada doc valid DeckhandScott Hussey
2018-02-20Update selector on kube-system ingressScott Hussey
2018-02-20Fix bug in Promenade chartScott Hussey
2018-02-20Make armada comply with schemaScott Hussey
2018-02-20Include ATL Artifactory intermediate certsScott Hussey
2018-02-20Disable Tiller in Armada chartScott Hussey
2018-02-20Update Overrides for armada.yaml.subAnthony Lin