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2018-09-26Fix: various documentation and URL fixesRoman Gorshunov
2018-05-24Zuul: Initial Airship-Drydock checksScott Hussey
2017-10-26Refactor orchestratorScott Hussey
2017-08-21Add config generation to tox.iniScott Hussey
2017-08-07Create a base getting started guideScott Hussey
2017-07-18Initial Dockerfile cleanupPete Birley
2017-07-13Fix DockerfileScott Hussey
2017-05-25Rename helm_drydock to drydock_provisionerScott Hussey
2017-05-25Cleanup readme formattingScott Hussey
2017-05-25API service for /designs and /tasks endpointsScott Hussey
2017-03-15Last commit to push changes to master. Will use feature branchesScott Hussey
2017-02-28Roll this into master after pull request was approvedScott Hussey
2017-02-28Add methods to the model for computing inheritanceScott Hussey
2017-02-17Updates to YAML schema for schema versioningScott Hussey
2017-02-16Significant updates to YAML examples to more fullyScott Hussey
2017-02-14Initial commitBrandon B. Jozsa