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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-11Move to tiller 2.12.1Sean Eagan
2018-11-12Implement tiller gRPC channel clean upSean Eagan
2018-08-28Move to tiller v2.10.0Sean Eagan
2018-07-20Update Helm versionMarshall Margenau
2018-03-09feat(hapi) updating hapi for new grpcioMarshall Margenau
2017-11-16feat(armada): adding makefileAlexis Rivera DeLa Torre
2017-10-27feat(tiller): updating-helm-version-2.6.0gardlt
2017-07-11Fixes bug where tiller always passes 'wait'Tim Heyer
2017-06-22[feat] update tiller services to 2.4.0gardlt
2017-02-10Initial Armada Commit (#1)Alan Meadows