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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-05Add chart about rabbitmq and remove timeout from examplepengdake
2018-11-30Update manifest named keystone-manifestpengdake
2018-07-17Run helm tests by defaultMarshall Margenau
2018-06-27Change chart `test` key to object and support cleanup flagSean Eagan
2018-05-16Update HTK Path - OSH InfraAnthony Lin
2018-03-19test(validate): Validate Armada's own examplesFelipe Monteiro
2018-02-23Improved document validationgardlt
2018-02-05Add unit tests for Manifest handlerFelipe Monteiro
2017-11-03fix(tiller): pre-delete-actionsgardlt
2017-11-02feat(cli): using-click-frameworkgardlt
2017-11-02bug(wait): fixing how we wait on chart and groupgardlt
2017-11-02feat(manifest): ability to override manifest valuedrewwalters96
2017-09-28fix(examples): Remove openstack-aio exampleSteve Wilkerson
2017-09-20feat(api): policy enforcement and api standardgardlt
2017-09-20feat(armada): adding helm testing frameworkAlexis Rivera De La Torre
2017-09-17feat(source): checkout via referencegardlt
2017-08-07Fix oslo_config and oslo_log configurationsOmar Rivera
2017-08-02[Feat] Support remote tarball as chart sourceTim Heyer
2017-08-01[feat] upgrading daemonsetsgardlt
2017-07-27[bug] get armada object after valid documentgardlt
2017-07-26[feat] adding standard armada manifestgardlt
2017-07-19Fix chart cleanup bugTim Heyer
2017-07-05[docs] update readmegardlt
2017-06-30[feat] adding sequenced deploymentsgardlt
2017-06-27Implement native tiller timeout supportTim Heyer
2017-05-01[feature] implement-api-servicegardlt
2017-04-18[bug] removing-used-section (#47)Alexis Rivera DeLa Torre
2017-04-17[feature] adding-pre-post-actions-to-yaml (#44)Alexis Rivera DeLa Torre
2017-03-01Updated example fileAbel Lopez
2017-02-10Initial Armada Commit (#1)Alan Meadows